A house that tastes like a family, capable of offering moments of intimate relax

Who we are

We are  ALDA and RUDY, wife and husband!

We have decided to live this passion together and we are pleased to receive tourists, travelers and cyclists in our home.

We offer a discreet but attentive hospitality in a family environment. We love to entertain guests and suggest useful information to whom  who are curious to discover the corners and the most authentic aspects of Vigone and Piedmont.

I was born and grown up in a large family: five children, mother, father and grandmother we  lived all together in a large house in the countryside.

Mum Maria had a great sense of hospitality and loved to make feel people welcome: yet , early in the morning, the kitchen emanated perfumes and aromas that filled the house, sign that at lunch we would have been  numerous around the table set because the excellent food and invitation never failed the expectation.

To revive the emotions that my mother transmitted to me, a few years ago i have decided to open and share with my guests my family home, the territory where i live in every season of the year, to discover the extraordinary coloros and flavors that are just found  here.

Away from mass tourism, it is possible to find a slow lifestyle adapted to the rhythm of nature. To hear in silince the tolling of the bells mark the hours, the rooster that sings in the middle of the night, the swallows that at sunset come to quench their thirst in the pool, road to go on foot, by bike, on horseback, rural churches  with medieval frescoes, historic houses, castles, events... last but not least excellent food an wine .

I wanted to dedicate the bed and breakfast to my brother, who passed away, prematurely.