discovering the cycle paths !

Nature, Excursions and Bikes

The bed and breakfast Villa Pietro, is situated in an area that intersects with old and recent itineraries! The location is a good starting point for excursions and visits to the most interesting places in the area. Responsible and sustainable tourism is one of the ways to protect the environment, here there are some interesting itineraries (a track, reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, built on the route of the former railway Airasca-Moretta).

 The path, safe and easy,  which will favour those who love travel with kids and looking for relaxation. A mainly agricultural area, crossed by rivers and streams as the Po and the Pellice, in a varied landscape. Riding on the bike path, surrounded by nature, you can take a whole network of roads linking the various villages of the Plains around Pinerolo: a path that winds through fountains, historical farmhouses, votive pillars and churches in the countryside of considerable artistic value. Don't miss the Church of SANTA MARIA DE HORTIS,built in the 9th century, with frescoes dating back to 1300-1400. On a clear day, along much of the route, the stunning peaks of the Alps as a backdrop on which stands the stone King, MONVISO.